Stability Tour 2 Polar Putter Shaft

Our newest tour preferred model designed with a crisp, clean look. Stability Tour 2 Polar is another option in the arsenal of Stability putter shafts, which provide tour proven performance with exceptional accuracy and control.



Streamlined, slim look which tapers to a 13% reduction in the shaft diameter.


Stability Tour 2 Polar balances like a steel putter shaft, allowing any putter to be built to the specifications of even the most demanding golfer.


Stability Tour 2 Polar is built with 30% more high modulus graphite for a softer, responsive feel that’s perfect for putting.

As always, we can install this shaft on your putter. Simply mail it to us, we will install a new shaft and ship it back. The installed option will also include a free loft and lie adjustment and a free lamkin deep etch grip, additional grips available for purchase.  If you need help figuring out which shaft you need please email us.

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