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Tour Stock Putters is proud to offer several Tour Caliber Services to golfers from all around the world. These services are carefully completed in our custom golf shop by our team. Our services are warrantied for life and have a satisfaction guaranteed that is the best in the business! We stock almost every golf grip available for purchase from brands like Piretti, Miura, Taylormade & Scotty Cameron. If you would like a custom putter shaft, we stock a number of custom golf shaft options and will be happy to put together a custom build for you.

Reshaft Putter - $50
Is it time to update your golf club? Reshafting can drastically improve your performance. Updating to the latest shaft and grips can give you more accuracy, consistency, and distance. At Tour Stock Putters, we understand the right shaft can improve your game. We'd be happy to reshaft your putter to your specifications. This service includes removing your existing shaft, and installing a new grip and placing your new shaft into your putter (new grips are available for purchase). All you need to do is let us know the length and shaft you want, and include the size of the golf grip you'd like us to install along with the style. This service is warrantied for life and is free with any putter shaft purchased from us.

Putter Bending - $10
At Tour Stock Putters, we strive for perfection. We understand that when putting, the putter needs to be bent a certain way helping to hit the golf ball on the sweet spot every time. We can bend any kind of putter to nearly any specifications which promotes more of a consistent performance with your stroke. This is done with any putter purchased from us for free. Our team has the knowledge to be able to meet your individual lie and loft specifications. We believe you'll be happy with making these equipment tweaks to help you play better. Contact us to see how we can perfect your putter. 

Regripping A Putter -
Is it time to regrip your putter? A good indication its time is when you see the first signs of noticeable wear such as cracks, loss of tackiness, faded spots, shiny patches, and if the grip has a smooth, hard surface. It's amazing what a new set of grips on your clubs can do! They not only improve your game, but you won't have to deal with pressure and grip tension from slick, worn-out grips. We can re-grip your golf clubs with the grip of your choice and have a wide selection of them to choose from, email us for a price.

Golf Club Paint Fill -
Are you wanting to update the look of your golf clubs? An easy way to do so is by doing a paint fill. This way you can stand out on the course with a personalized golf club. We would love to customize your set; we can do any paint fill, email us for a price.

Are you looking to make more putts and lower your score? Counterbalanced putters have become more popular the last few years among professional and amateur golfers alike and are particularly popular on tour right now. It's no secret that counterbalanced putter heads are heavier, and that counterbalance technology makes putting strokes more stable due to the additional weight being placed above the golfer's hands from extending the length of the shaft and adding weight to the end of the shaft.

A counterbalanced putter could prove to be effective for you as a golfer since they provide smoothness and stability. 
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