BB8 RAW Tour Department Tri Plane

  • Bettinardi BB8 Tour Department with a single top line for alignment. Tour proven FIT face with a full offset plumbers neck and Tour T Hive logos engraved all over.  This putter features a raw brown japanese patina finish that forms a special rust oxide finish that will continue to rust and patina over time. Only a handful of RAW Tour milled heads were made for the 2016 Bettinardi Social.

    This putter comes paired with dancing multi logo Bettinardi cover and Bettinardi Tour Department PURE grip. This putter is setup to be 35" 71/3 standard.
  • Registration Number: RJB7989
    Year Milled: 2016
    Putter Model: BB8 TriPlane
    Material: Carbon
    Finish: RAW
    Head Weight: 350 Grams
    Offset: Full 
    Neck Style: Plumbers
    Toe Hang: 1/2-3/4


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