Bettinardi 3/4 "Say hello to my little friend!"

  • Bettinardi released an eclectic small batch of 3/4 putters for the 2016 Bettinardi Social. This marks the first time a 3/4 (a putter that is 3/4 the size of a normal Bettinardi Model) has been released since 2012! Unlike in prior years there was no run of 3/4 models, each one was truly unique! This putter is 35" 71*/3* standard specs and it features a beautiful honeycomb milled face.  There is a Hex B on the heel and Bettinardi in the cavity. Sole is engraved "Say hello to my little friend!" with a play on the iconic silhouette of Al Pacino from the movie Scarface.  Appropriately the face is riddled with copper bullet holes and is matched with a small all black dancing logo social cover and  red leather sport grip!
  • Registration Number: RJB7998
    Putter Model: BB Zero 3/4
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Tour Blast
    Head Weight: 349 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Plumbers Neck
    Toe Hang: 1/4

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