Bettinardi BB Zero Skull and Bones Spud Neck

  • This Prototype Spud BB Zero continues to evolve as we continue into 2015. What was originally a one off putter has now become a bit of a sensation with its unique threaded plumbers neck and high contrast yellow and purple honeycomb and skulls! If this putter couldn't be any cooler it also comes with a one of a kind cover as well! There were less than a handful of these made for the 2015 Bettinardi Summer Social and no two BB Zero Spud necks were the same!

    This putter comes paired with matching Bettinardi 1 off Skull and Bones putter cover and Bettinardi Leather Grip. This putter can be can cut to length and bent to specs. 
  • Registration Number: RJB7010
    Year Milled: 2015
    Putter Model: BB Zero Spud 
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Torch Rainbow Blast
    Head Weight: 354 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Spud
    Toe Hang: Face Balanced


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