Bettinardi BB8 Hypnotic Weld Neck

  • BB8 DASS Hypnotic Weld Neck Tour Prototype with a black oxide finish. F.I.T. face with a welded hypnotic plumbers neck. Bettinardi BB8 DASS Proto engraved on the sole with a small B on the face and pocket. From a distance this BB8 may look pretty standard but the trained eye will notice the ported sound slot for superior feel and hypnotic engraved welded neck and tour black oxide finish on dass as well as the black PVD shaft!

    This putter comes paired with Bettinardi Tour Stock Black Cover and Bettinardi Poison Black Kool Aid grip. This putter can be bent to specs and cut to length, so please put any modification instructions in the notes section during checkout otherwise we assume standard specs. 
  • Registration Number: RJB5199
    Year Milled: 2014
    Putter Model: BB8 DASS Proto
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Black Ox
    Head Weight: 349 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Welded Plumber
    Toe Hang: 3/4


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