Bettinardi DASS Bee Kool SS3 Centershaft

  • Brand new just released this Bettinardi SS3 Bee Kool is a one off custom design for the 2016 Bettinardi Social and features a mini honeycomb milled face with a welded fancy center spud. This SS3 DASS features a Tour Blast finish a black PVD shaft with an exotic pink leather grip. Bettinardi in the cavity and sunglasses on the kool aid face on the heel as well as a huge on the sole!!! This putter is finished off with a matching pink and blue multicolor dancing logo social cover! This putter is 35" 71*/3* standard specs.
  • Registration Number: RJB7908
    Putter Model: SS3 Tour
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Tour Blast
    Head Weight: 363 Grams
    Offset: 3/4-Full
    Neck Style: Welded Spud
    Toe Hang: Face Balanced

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