Bettinardi DASS Zombee X OUT Neck Zero

  • This is an amazing Bettinardi BB Zero Zombee DASS with a black oxide finish and mini honeycomb milled face. This BB Zero features X Out Zombee eyes across the neck and a T Hive engraved on the heel. Bettinardi TOUR with a flying zombee in the cavity and the whole putter is completed with a custom paintfill and black shaft! This is a truly amazing and unique prototype piece fresh from Studio B!

    This putter comes paired with a matching Bettinardi Dancing T Hive cover and Bettinardi Black Corded Deep Etch Tour Grip. This putter can be bent to specs and cut to length, so please put any modification instructions in the notes section during checkout otherwise we assume standard specs 35" 71*/3* 
  • Registration Number: RJB8721
    Year Milled: 2017
    Putter Model: BB Zero
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Black Oxide
    Head Weight: 355 Grams
    Offset: 3/4
    Neck Style: Plumber
    Toe Hang: 1/2


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