Bettinardi "Slinky Neck" BB Zero Welded Flow

  • Bettinardi invented something new for the 2016 Summer Social! This "slinky neck" putter features a unique neck that has never been made before. Resembling a slinky this neck is not only beautiful but fully functional as well! The head has a fantastic Blue Texas Tea Oilcan finish and the DASS neck is a lovely golden color to accent the head. A truly remarkable offering from Studio B and a putter that is sure to turn heads at every corner! Standard specs of 35" 71/3 with Tiffany Blue Tour T Hive Cover.
  • Registration Number: RJB7849
    Putter Model: BB Zero
    Material: DASS and Carbon
    Finish: Texas Tea
    Head Weight: 353 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Flow Neck
    Toe Hang: 3/4

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