Bettinardi Stinger JAM Rainbow Torched DASS

  • This is a beautifully rainbow torched Bettinardi DASS JAM with a superfly milled FIT Face and a unique honeycomb sole with a Stinger Bee. This JAM has exquisitely shaped bumpers and a hand softened topline.  This putter was made specifically for the 2015 Bettinardi Social and is paired with an amazing one off Bettinardi Cover to match the paint!

    This putter comes paired with matching 1 OFF Bettinardi Stinger putter cover and Bettinardi Leather Grip. This putter can be can cut to length and bent to specs.
  • Registration Number: RJB6962
    Year Milled: 2015
    Putter Model: JAM
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Rainbow Torched
    Head Weight: 358 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Plumber
    Toe Hang: 3/4


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