Bettinardi Studio Plug DASS BB2

  • Brand new just released these Studio Custom DASS putters are truly begging to to be put into play! This BB2 Studio Custom DASS features a tour blast finish with all copper paint fill to match the copper lugs along the sole of the face, a Tour Inspired Super Fly Milled Face, and a stunning flow neck. Bettinardi Studio Custom BB2 DASS engraved on the sole. Studio Custom Hex B engraved on the face and perfectly clean flange.  This putter is finished off with a matching Bettinardi exotic leather grip and Tour Issue cover!

    This putter comes paired with matching Bettinardi Studio Custom BB2 head cover and matching Bettinardi leather grip. This putter can be cut to length and bent to specs. If no specs are given we will assume standard length of 35".
  • Registration Number: RJB7314
    Putter Model: BB2
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Tour Blast
    Head Weight: 355 Grams
    Offset: 3/4
    Neck Style: Flow
    Toe Hang: Full

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