BGT ZNE Wedge Shaft

The new ZNETM 2–piece Wedge Shafts are designed with Advanced Materials Integration, which delivers the face square at impact for more center strikes and lower scores.

Versatility & Shot Performance

3 weights- 90 gm, 115 gm or 130 gm for optimal feel, control and consistency.

Black Ceramic Dura-Coated Tips

Provides durability and no line of sight distraction. Engineered for optimal launch and spin.

Proprietary Coupler

Designed with internal micro-barbs to ensure a virtually unbreakable bond between graphite and steel.

Ultra-Rigid Stiffness StackTM

This Stiffness StackTM is 2.5x stiffer than a traditional wedge shaft and allows the kickpoint to be optimized for the perfect launch and trajectory.

Testing shows the patented design of the ZNETM Wedge Shaft redirects energy so efficiently over steel that;

  • 92% of golfers showed better distance control

  • Over 90% had tighter dispersion

  • 100% of golfers tested said it felt better than steel

  • Tested to withstand all types of turf conditions, players and swing speeds

As always, we can install this shaft in your wedge. Simply mail it to us...  If you need help figuring out which shaft you need please email us.

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