Mitsubishi Diamana Putter Shaft

Diamana™ Putter: The Future Standard

The Diamana™ Putter Series promotes a smoother, more responsive feel through impact while contributing to a truer roll off the putter face.

A carbon fiber shaft engineered specifically for use in putters provides more versatility in design, performance and the ability to fine tune weight distribution.

The Diamana™ Putter series features two different flex variations targeted at improving the control of distance and line for all player types. The choice is yours.


- 1.0 is softer, 2.0 is stiffer – each has weight of 135 grams.

- Provides a very smooth feel through impact while aiding in a purer roll off of the putter face.

- Features the same stiffness as a steel shaft but will provide improved feedback and enhanced distance control.

The Diamana™ Putter is intended for putters featuring a straight tapered tip shaft with 0.355” diameter.

This price does include installation and a Lamkin Deep Etch grip as well as a free loft and lie adjustment.

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