Fourteen RM-22 Raw Wedges

This is a brand new tour issue Fourteen Golf RM-22 Raw Wedge built to your specifications. Pick your raw wedge or build a custom club, shafts are available!  Currently we only have the 52, 56, and 58-08 wedges left.  The others have sold out!

NEW TOUR ISSUE Fourteen Golf RM-22 Raw Wedge. Fourteen’s Signature Reverse Muscle Design The same reverse muscle design that made our wedges such a hit on the worldwide tours is back in full effect with the RM-22 Tour RAW. By moving the mass up to the top section of the blade we are able to raise the center of gravity, This creates more stable, higher spinning, and more consistent performance.  These are raw and will rust. These are the same wedges as being used by several top pros. We can bend these for no extra. Please email us if you have any questions or to discuss your next build! 

UPDATE as of 1/14/18 we can now offer custom grinds, stampings, and paint fill, email us to discuss what you would like and we will get you a price.