Miura Forged Wedge Series

Miura introduces new, perfectly engineered wedges, melding the best of forged feel with two unique sole grinds which will benefit all golfers in all turf conditions. These special grinds will become instant allies in the bags of golfers who take take their short games seriously and find delight in the performance of great designs.

The Y Grind Wedge (named after Yoshitaka Miura) has a softer leading-edge which produces more control with more spin. The Y Grind performs superbly for the player who has a neutral to steep swing around the green, ensuring perfect turf interaction. 

The C-Grind is the most versatile grind, favoring the player who is more neutral to shallow, tending to sweep or pick the ball off of the turf around the green. With the perfect amount of heel and toe relief, the player will benefit from the C Grind's sole, particularly on intricate shots, regardless of the lie or turf conditions. 

This new Miura Forged Wedge will come built in-house at Peoples Golf; built to your desired specs with the shaft, ferrule, and grip of your choice which are included in the price.  Email us to discuss your next build, or go here to see our current ferrule options.

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