Olson Manufacturing Retro MuscleBack Left Hand Putter 35"

  • This gorgeous Olson is made entirely of Soft Cabron Steel.  This beauty features a black oxide finish, welded stainless flow neck, deep milled face, bullet sole, and an X as an alignment aid.  This is brand new and never used.

    This putter has nearly full toe hang and 1/2 offset. This beauty was finished off with an extremely tacky Grip Master Leather grip and is currently set to 35".  We can bend this to spec so please let us know if you would like it bent otherwise we will assume standard specs, 72* and 4*.  

  • Putter Model: MuscleBack Retro Left Hand
    Finish: Black Oxide
    Neck Style: Welded Flow Neck  
    Offset: 1/2
    Toe Hang: Nearly Full 

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