Original Bettinardi 38 Special Proto


  • This is as rare as they come....New in Box this is the ultimate Bettinardi 38 Special! This ORIGINAL Prototype is stamped PROTO on sole and is unnumbered and without the iconic 38 Special engraving as it was the very first 38 special Prototype made!!!  The 38 special was thought up and designed to commemorate Bob Bettinardi’s 38th Birthday. This putter is a .38 Special Prototype with 38 copper plugs placed throughout the head. Notice it has no number stamped on the neck as it was the very first prototype. There were 195 total 38 specials made but none of them are even close to this one! To find one in truly mint condition after 15 years is truly remarkable. It is not often that you can find such a rare and special piece after all of these years still unused. This putter would be the centerpiece to any collection... Not to mention that is comes in its original box and it is a piece of history! The box rates a solid 8.75/10 as it has been handled over the years but is extremely rare to ever find the matching box.

    This putter comes paired with a Tour Stock Vintage Stinger Bettinardi cover and Bettinardi Leather Wrap Grip. This putter is 35" long, and if you want to put it in play we can modify the specs at your request.
  • Year Milled: 1998
    Putter Model: 38 Special 1st Prototype
    Material: DASS
    Finish: Satin Polish
    Head Weight: 341 Grams
    Offset: Full
    Neck Style: Plumber
    Toe Hang: 1/2


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