Scotty Cameron 2001 Limited Edition Terrylium Newport 2 35"

  • The Newport 2 features a heel/toe weighted head which is longer than the Newport’s, with a more angular, mechanical look. 1/4 toe hang produces the same toe flow as the Newport, but at address the putters are strikingly different. Scotty describes the Newport as bulbous, and the Newport 2 as blockier. The Newport 2 Tei3 also features a sightline for easy alignment. The inlay of the 12-metal alloy Teryllium creates a distinctly soft feel and solid feedback, while an injected elastomer membrane dampens vibration and sound. Both putters have been used to win multiple tournaments around the globe and remain very popular on Tour.

    This putter was just refinished by BOS, it hasn't been used since... This will come with the original cover and a Black Baby T Grip. 

  • Putter Model: 2001 Terryllium Newport 2 
    Finish: Tour Black 
    Neck Style:  Plumbers 
    Offset: Full 
    Toe Hang: 1/2

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