Scratch 1018 Raw Forged 55 Sand Wedge (Don White KLD Grind)

NEW TOUR ISSUE SCRATCH 1018 Raw Forged 55 Sand Wedge. This is from the Scratch Tour Department. This one has the new grooves. Scratch made some of the best looking and performing forged wedges of all time. They were hand ground by Hall of Fame Club Maker Don White. He gave this one a KLD Grind, see below for some more information on this grind. Scratch is no longer in business, making finding another one of these nearly impossible. This was shafted with a Dynamic Gold Black Onyx S400 Shaft. This is standard specs with a Grey MCC+4 Grip. These are raw so they will rust, creating an amazing dull finish. Please expect it to have some rust when you receive it.

"This grind is designed for the Driver/Slider that needs extra versatility for different turf conditions and plans to use the wedge mostly for shots with the face square.

The KLD grind is extremely similar to our Driver/Slider iron grind. It features moderate effective bounce, a small amount if trailing edge relief and a killed leading edge. The moderate effective bounce and fuller sole make it a great grind for fuller shots and other shots with the face square. The killed leading edge makes it more consistent and forgiving on slightly steeper or shallower swings. It also allows the player to get down into the ball without the club skidding off the ground. It is especially versatile in different turf conditions and excels on harder, tight lies. The fuller sole also makes it very effective from the sand."

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