Swag Golf Blackout Ace 34.5"

  • Our stock putters are back…back in black. This is the same Ace you know and love, with a dark twist. Featuring black PVD finished head, black shaft, all-black leather grip and black paint fill, this putter is blacked out from head to toe. Some lucky buyers might find a surprise in their box...

    The Ace has undergone a total redesign this year in an effort to make it even sleeker than the original. The flange has been completely resurfaced from toe to heel, with more mass towards the toe, and a tapered profile for a cleaner lower profile look from address. We have also put a newly tweaked neck that blends effortlessly into the thin topline with a dash site aid.

    For the topline to look correct from address we had to surface it from all angles to create what appears to be a perfectly flat surfaced arc that gives you the confidence that the putter is placed squarely when aligning behind your golf ball.

    This classic design appeals to those who like zero distractions from address and a design that appears to almost melt into the putting surface. As your eye travels down the smooth, 100% machined, never bent 1/2 offset flow neck you can't help but feel at ease over the golf ball.

    This limited-edition blackout putter comes paired with a matching black made-in-the-USA headcover with magnet closures and the softest available furs on the market to ensure the protection of your flatstick.

    • Weight 354 Grams
    • Designed, Milled, and Assembled in the USA
    • Feels Good 303 American Stainless Steel
    • Black PVD Finish
    • Black Chrome Stepless KBS Shaft
    • Matching Gripmaster Black Cabretta Grip
    • This is brand new and never used
    • Comes with the headcover pictured






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