Swag Golf "Candy Skull Mallet 2022" Headcover Set

  • It wouldn't be Halloween without some Candy Skulls!

    Here's how many we made of each candy:

    • 125 Multi-Colored Fruity Candies
    • 125 Purple and Pink Pebble Candies
    • 105 Multi-Colored Fruit Tablet Candies
    • 80 Caramel, Nougat and Chocolate Candies
    • 65 Brown Honey Taffy Candies
    • 50 Pink Fruity Candies (only sent in the full bag)
    • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
    • Industrial Magnetic Closure
    • Plush Protective Interior 
    • Durable UV Resistant Materials
    • These are new and in the original, unopened bag

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