Swag Golf Handsome Too 35"

  • The Raw Carbon version of our Handsome Too is being released with a new face milling pattern.  This is the naked model with no alignment aid. Our new double cut fly milled face was due to feedback from tour players who wanted a more responsive sound at impact without any loss of feel. 

    The raw finish on this limited run appears to be aged for decades. We have taken the time to age these heads in such a way that makes each and every piece to have a beautiful and unique finish all its own. These putters are made to rust! Please take note, EVERY putter has a unique finish, we have a representative photo of the variation of finish and there is no way to pick any particular finish. 

    At address, the topline on the Handsome Too is flat and contrasts clearly opposed to the surfaced shoulders. Surfacing the shoulders on a large organic curve gives the appearance of a smooth transition into the topline while the toe and heel are surfaced to create transitions into the toe and heel bumpers. The smooth pocket cavity with no step is a signature feature of all models. The Handsome Too also has our first triplane sole and still has milled drafts to ensure the putter sits square at address. Spending extra time during the machining process allows us to create a neck with a consistently soft profile every time.

    The details are very important to us, and make our putters unique. If you can’t put your finger on it, but just love the way our putters look, you are not alone. The goal was design a better, sexier, bad ass putter, and we did it… again.

    • 1-Piece Billet Milled Design
    • Head Weight: 350g
    • Designed, Milled, and Assembled in the USA
    • Chicago Carbon Steel Billet
    • Rust Patina Finish (This putter is designed to continue rust)
    • Smoked Satin Stepless Shaft
    • Pure Skull Grip and Matching Limited Raw Skull Cover
    • This putter is brand new, it has already begun to Patina and maybe have more patina than pictured. 






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