Swag Golf "King of Diamonds" Handsome One 35" Putter

  • After completing the Menu Handsome Too, we told ourselves we would never spend 60 minutes engraving a sole of a putter again. Then someone said, "what if we engrave for 83 minutes?"

    For context: most people spend 40 minutes milling a putter, we spend an hour and 20 minutes. Then we added 83 minutes on top engraving just the sole...in the end emerged this insanely engraved King of Diamonds for our 3rd Anniversary Release. A fully hand painted King of Swag adorns the sole with a Royal Flush cavity. It is paired with a new Stacked King of Diamonds headcover that takes our stacked logo releases to a whole new level, a blue cabretta leather grip and black chrome shaft. 

    The Handsome One is a classic tour-proven design with a Swag spin on it.  It features a tour-proven fly milled face that was created with feedback from tour players who wanted a slightly softer, yet responsive sound at impact. 

    At address, the crowned topline seems to melt into the shoulders and by surfacing the shoulders on a large organic curve they, in turn, make a smooth transition into our bumpers. Spending extra time during the machining process allows us to create a neck with a consistently soft profile unlike any other on the market. 

    The Tour Mist finish is created by finishing each putter by hand through two blasting processes. This results in a sheen that is unique to SWAG and shows off the precision mill patterns we are known for without unnecessary glare or shadowing. Paired with an all-new Stacked King Headcover in matching colors.

  • Putter Model: King of Diamonds Handsome One  
    Finish: Tour Satin
    Neck Style: Plumbers
    Offset: Full
    Toe Hang: Half

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