Swag Golf "NYC Thin Crust" Blade Headcover

We have a secret and we hope you can keep it...

Every release day we order pizza for the office. That means, right about now a pizza is about to be delivered to HQ for the whole team to enjoy while getting your orders out the door. But it's not the pizza you would expect... We are frauds. An embarrassment to Chicago. We aren't eating Deep Dish every release day. We are eating New York's famous Thin Crust Pizza. If you have to blame anyone please blame Lance. This wasn't our fault...

  • Fits standard blade style putters and some compact mallets
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Industrial Magnetic Closure
  • Plush Protective Interior 
  • Durable UV Resistant Nylon
  • Boombox not included
  • New and in the original, unopened bag

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