Swag Golf Suave One STFU 35"

  • Is the game full of chatterboxes? Well, don't worry - we've got you covered! This new limited edition Suave One STFU putter will do all your talking for you. Let's face it: there are some people who just love to hear themselves talk and won't take a hint...Shhh!

    The Suave One is a masterpiece in engineering and machining. We have achieved the ability to 100% mill a consistent and perfect flow neck that doesn’t need to be heated and bent to create offset. This model is ideal for a player who wants to feel some toe flow with their putter and has an arced putting stroke.

    At address, the top line on the Suave one is crowned and perfectly blends into the sexy one piece 3/4 offset milled flow neck. Our signature 3D surfaced sole, smooth flange with no step and concave surfaced shoulders to prevent glare spots at address.

    This limited-edition Suave One STFU putter comes paired with a matching made-in-the-USA headcover with magnet closures and the softest available furs on the market to ensure the protection of your flat stick.

    This putter will have 3 degrees of loft and 71 degrees of lie.

    • Weight 354 Grams
    • Designed, Milled, and Assembled in the USA
    • Feels Good 303 Stainless Steel
    • Black Chrome Stepless KBS Tour Putter Shaft
    • Green and Yellow Standard Size Cabretta Leather Grip
    • This is brand new and never used
    • Comes with the headcover pictured.






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