Swag Golf "Swagmas Time is Here" Headcover

We all know the despair of post holiday depression, always getting "a lot of stupid toys" and “boring Christmas cards” instead of what you really want (Swag covers) can ruin anyone’s day. Hopefully you get what you really want on Christmas. Don’t forget, it’s not what you get it’s what you wah wah Waaah Wah wah WAH wah Wah...

    • Fits standard blade style putters and some compact mallets
    • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
    • Industrial Magnetic Closure
    • Plush Protective Interior 
    • Durable UV Resistant Nylon
    • Wah wah Waaah Wah wah WAH wah Wah...
    • New and in the original bag.

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