New TSP Wedge Section!

August 14, 2018

At Tour Stock Putters, we don’t just sell you a product that we believe to be the best. We pride ourselves in only stocking products that we know are superior to the rest. And how exactly do we know that? Well, because we have personally tested all of our wedges and have selected the ones we are the most confident in.

Our wedge selection ensures that we only offer the best wedges available – an opinion that is backed by first-hand trials and experience with each product. Currently we are carrying several exclusive wedges including 

National Custom Works

Miura Tour Series

Miura Tour Series Black

Taylormade Hi Toe

And we are in the process of adding a few more exclusive wedges to the list. We are the only place that you can contact TODAY that has National Custom wedges in stock and ready to ship. As soon as Jason Dufner put National Custom in his bag at The Players Tournament, the brand has taken off.  It isn’t just Dufner seeing results with these wedges – the company was destined for greatness and since we saw it from day one. With hall of fame Clubmaker Don White as the mastermind behind the products, you can’t go wrong.

National Custom isn’t the only exclusive we have right now. We are also the only place with Miura Tour Series wedges available in black. These things are a thing of beauty. Finished in a DLC Black that is extremely durable – these wedges will last for years to come.

If there is something you want to see us carry – let us know. We will put the wedges through our rigorous personal testing process and if it turns out they are good enough to slip into our bag, we will bring them to the market for you.

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