Now Carrying Stability Shafts!

September 04, 2019

We went looking for something to revolutionize our game. The icing on the cake, something that often gets forgotten about, the putter shaft. We wanted something iconic, something fresh but experienced, and we found exactly that in the new BGT Stability Shaft. 

Barney Adams is no stranger to the industry and has produced many golf clubs through his company Adams Golf. He has taken that experience, paired it with innovation and launched Breakthrough Golf Technology by introducing his new Stability Shaft. 

Adams started from the beginning, stripping down the shaft before building it back up with a 4-piece, multi-material replacement for the long-been obsolete steel shaft in your bag. The butt section features 9-layers of zero taper, high-modulus carbon fiber. A 22-gram aluminum insert reinforces the structural integrity. Finally, an aluminum connector is used to bind the graphite portion to the stainless steel tip.

The Stability Shaft boasts 25% more stiffness and claims a nearly 50% reduction in torque. With putter heads getting heavier, the shafts have remained unchanged, so Adams addressed the problem with his new creation. 

The Stability Shaft is just what you need if you are looking to improve both the feel and consistency with the one club you love to use on every hole—the Putter. It doesn’t matter your skill level, this shaft is for you. 

There have been far too many competitions lost on a final putt, so having the right putter is essential to being able to close the deal. The consistency and stability of this shaft is the perfect tool you need to do just that.

To purchase please go here, or if you have any questions just ask! 

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