TSP Putter of the Week

May 29, 2018

Earlier this year, Tour Stock Putters launched our new Putter of the Week Program to bring all the hottest products to our customers. In the golf industry, we are constantly seeing new “special” products hit the market, and its our job to weed through them and determine which ones are truly special and are going to meet the high standards we have set at TSP and be the best options for our customers. These become our POTW. These could be a special finish, special neck, a Major Themed putter, basically something unique and special that you normally wouldn’t see.

We are constantly working to improve the methods we take to get products to our customers, and the Putter of the Week program is no different. This program is a trail run, so we are trying out a few new things to best figure our what are customers want to see.

This new program is a way to focus on “different.” Different days, Different Putters, Different brands, Different…  We would love to know what you want to see, and what works best for you, so let us know.  Since launching the Putter of the Week Program, we have done several different trail runs and all of them have sold within 24 hours.  So far we’ve had a Masters Themed Piretti, a Piretti with an oil can finish, a Taylormade Daytona S Prototype, a Taylormade Spider like DJ's, a prototype Bobby Grace and several others. 

We have a lot big things planned for 2018, but most importantly we want to know what you want to see.  So please shoot us an email or jump on our social media and let us know.  Speaking of social media, make sure you follow us on both Facebook and Instagram, because that’s where you area going to see teasers the week of so we can let you know the release date so you can be ready!

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