April 02, 2018


In our constant quest to only carry the absolute best products, Tour Stock Putters is now offering Scotty Cameron Circle T putters.

The tour issue putters are unique and custom built for the needs of a tour player. Scotty Cameron obviously knows his stuff when it comes to growing his business and building a loyal customer base. He has done that through specialty products such as the Circle T putter, which leads the pack in Soctty’s coveted creations.

The Circle T Putters are tour proven and Scotty himself is quite possibly one of, if not the best putter manufacturer and designer to ever be in the business. These tour putters feature unique finishes, stampings, necks, etc.

They are one of a kind and truly unique. If you have a specific putter you are wanting please shoot us an email and we will reach out to our sources in an attempt to find it for you.

Scotty Cameron Putters Now Available

Scotty was born and raised in California, where his operations are currently based. His putters have won over 500 tournaments and have over 35 majors to their credit. Scotty launched his own brand of signature putters in 1992 and was picked up by Titleist in 1994. the 90s, Tiger Woods started winning with a couple of Scottys in his hands, which is when the Scotty brand really gained momentum. In 1997 Tiger won his first Masters using TeI3 custom built by Scotty for him, now he uses a Custom GSS Newport 2 which has won him 12 majors.

Scotty has several ‘tour only” putters and has for some time before he began branding them with the Circle T logo. This logo was essentially a big C with a T inside of it representing “Cameron” and “Tour."

TSP strives to provide only the absolute best products, and Scotty Cameron owns that space. The putters aren’t just all hype with a name attached to it. More than just a brand, the Circle T Putters deliver in terms of high quality and unique specializations.  We will be carrying them on both ThePeoplesClubs and TourStockPutters.  To see the Scotty Cameron putters we currently have for sale go here

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